AINA Y TONII Love you....

A few days ago we deliver the wedding video of T & A. We had it all ready for it, popcorn, a drink, fresh baked cookies, screen, projector, … and the nerves to the skin. Each project is a new challenge, but also experience the reaction that each couple to watching the video for the first time is a priceless experience that undoubtedly has the greatest sense gives our work.

And the first reactions were swift, we had only a few seconds when we saw tears of emotion, knowing smiles, holding hands, goose bumps …. We were unable to utter a word, holding breath until the last second … And at the end, that nice feeling to see the smiling faces of T & A.

This video is a reflection of themselves, of their relationship, their love. A work done with great care with which they have left us to go a step further by bringing all our creativity to new ground. Because with Tonia & Aaina has been easy and a job like this is deserved by blindly trust us, by letting us create, for opening their hearts and be be 100% themselves.

We hope this new video overtake you, you enjoy it and leave you wanting more, because soon we will also share the photo report with all details of your beautiful wedding organized by Judith Jurado by Mille Papillons.

3, 2, 1… Ready!

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