#LAFESTADELAMORAntònia Mª & Tolo married in Fangar

What we are passionate about our work is that each story is different and certainly today’s story is unique in all its aspects.

We met Antònia Maria and Tolo long time ago because we were lucky to be at the wedding of one of their best friends and, when they saw the work we did they did not hesitate to choose us. It is amazing the feeling that fall in love with what you do without the need for marketing or any sales strategy, because if our work reaches them really then everything flows and complicity whichborn in each project and with each new couple is magical.

Tolo and Antònia Maria are a fascinating couple, full of extremes, and they and their families welcomed us like one more of their friends.

Antònia Maria is pure feeling, spontaneity and freshness. Tolo is a very perfectionist and calm person. Definetely, the yin and yang.

From the first meeting we had they made it clear that the wedding will be a party of friends and they wanted this to be reflected in the video, they wanted to give prominence to those who accompanied them because they understood that without them nothing made sense.

In the following meetings meticulously we planned the post wedding, recording planes, locations, times … In fact we were months to find the perfect opportunity to do what they wanted.

Once with all the material recorded and instructions began the time to seat and start editing the video we bring you today, and it was at that moment that we understood something they had been saying to us and we had not known how to listen: it was that we had to do something different, something extreme, something that surprised them. For this reason we throw away all the scripts, all the planning and immerse ourselves in assembling something different, something as they are, something that leads us to the ends and move the heart.

Welcome to  #lafestadelamor.

Venue: Es Fangar
Catering: El Jardin
Wedding dresses: Pronovias
Veil: Elie Saab
Wedding shoes: Som Mits & Converse
Hairdressing: Arnau Rayo Perruques
Makeup: Beauty by Virginia Perelló
Music: Wonderbrass,  Sa Madòna.

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