JOAN & ANTÒNIA ROSAWedding in Santa Eulalia hotel

Funny wedding held at different locations on the island of Mallorca, with stunning aerial images taken in Cala Boquer.

There are couples who come shyly in our studio, like Joan & Antonia Rosa. They give off a fair measure that shyness makes them so endearing and made us to connect quickly. Also, do not come alone, they came from the hand of her wedding planner Judith Jurado of Mille Papillons. She gets them comfortable and get transmitted as anyone what each couple wants and needs, so it is a pleasure to continue working with her.

With J & AR we recorded three times. First, in a pre-wedding fun session in the forest where they came with a beautiful Lambreta scooter. Second, the wedding day, where we had a great day because this wonderful couple was accompanied by a big battalion of friends. And third, in a trekking-postwedding session we ventured to record in a hidden cove of Mallorca and left us very romantic images and spectacular aerial shots. So thier highlight tells the story of her big day interspersed most intimate moments recorded during pre-wedding shoot video and postwedding session.

Today we share their wedding video hope you like it as much as they liked. See their happy faces at the time of the projection in the studio is always the best of rewards. See you soon with a new video by HUMà06.

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